Tuesday, 7 February 2012


 Somebody else is knocking for some chances to be my love. I kindly rejected him because im still waiting for you to ask me those question. Call me stupid or whatsoever for dumping a guy that has been in my wildest dream to be with for the rest of my life. I DONT GIVE A FUCKING CARE. I want you , i dont know why. This guy i've rejected is the kind of guy i wanna spend the rest of my life with. A guy who would be the father of my future children.The kind of guy whos sincerely care & spoiled me with love without even trying. The kind of guy who have a big heart for God & his family.The kind of guy who will do anything to put a smile on my face although he's not in a nearby places.The kind of guy who encourage me to deal with my weaknesses every single second. The kind of guy who melt my heart with his smiles & laughter & even his voice. I TRUSTED HIM the second he says he'll be waiting for me. That was a dumb-act, i know. So,YOU. Dont let me fall deeper to him because I WANT YOU. Dont make me wait any longer, cause chances ain't gonna come knocking on my door everyday.