Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What actually happened in class.

Madam : okay lets start our class today. Everyone turn to page blah blah blah . We're going to do exercise blah blah .

me & the rest of the class : -.-'' what the heck is this ?

Madam : okay, blah blah blah( brieft explainations & examples )

me : OHHHHH..*nodding my head as if i know everythings she says.

my friend that sit next to me : (with her look that really scares the hell out of me) You know everything-.-''

me : urghh ~ actually i dont. Cant really understand a single thing -.-''

my friend : ahh well.. sama laa :) hihi ~

me : ....... thats not even cool. Dont smile. we're dead.

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