Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Ohmygod my head is about to explode ! punyaa piggg ~

   Damn, i mistakenly bought a Nescaffe Coffee-O, heiyerr ! supposed to buy the Nescaffe latte baa tu tapi haishh!! Ahh, luckily i dont go nuts over silly things thats happpening today.

  Hmm, today i was extra-extra tired. Walking from Fast-track all the way to the Gym then went straight to BAB & after a very very few inhalation of air, GO ALL THE WAY UP TO THAT 400++ stairs to hostel(you know what im saying if you're one of the KK's UiTM student) . Anyways, managed to forget the tiring momentos with a burst of laughters with the girls; si Steffi , si Alcie & si Lynie :)

  I hate this week . Why? let me tell you why !
  • 2nd January 2012-yeps, New Year's holiday kan? wtf we have BEL's class at 2pm. I rushed myself from home at Tuaran to hostel as soon as possible,and as i reached my dorm, i immediately changed my casual look to formal one. Only managed to eat 1/4 of my lunch and was sooooo hungry that moment-.-'' Punya gila sya besiap xsmpai 5minutes & the time is 02.06pm already ! then the most bikin panas punya moment, I RUN AS FAST AS I POSSIBLY COULD turun 400++ downstairs. With sweats running thru all of my pores, i stood outside the class. As i was making my way into the class, my classmates shouts " kesian you Precious, penat sja turun skali tnguk class is cancelled :DD " that moment.. i cant even..urghhhhhhhhhhh !!!!
  • 3rd January 2012-.-"  i only got 3hours sleep due to the monopoly games that me & my roomies play last night. Gilaa ~ no wonder i was soooo sleepy at MAT112 class today . Everyone can tell how sleepy i was today. I lay my head on the table like 3/4 of the time in class. hmmph, tiada kemajuan punya kehidupan. 
  Urgh, currently crossing my fingers wishing for a better days to come. Wish me luck guys :)


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