Friday, 6 January 2012

boring yet laughing. Ya get it ?

  Class start at 10 ,but woke up early to attend a very very borinngggg speech- "GO i-learn Day". Puii ~ punya laa tiada apa2 benefits -.-''

  Anyways, i miss my sontoloyo so much today .Hmmph, thank God he sent me a recording lastnight :) he sang my song & his favourite song:) telampauuuu comel tu records :* :* soo , i kinda listen to it almost the wholeeeeee day . But still , i miss that tunturugung :D

 Today , me & my gurls , si Lynie , si Steffie , si Alcie & si Shima went totalllly out of our minds. hahaha ! i bet the class can barely listen to the lectures' words as we're laughing so hard at the back of the class . HAHAHA ! we're so boring we laughed out on a very silly things , like lalang . Seriously we're that boring okay . hahaha !:DD

  OKAY ENUFF SAID, im out .


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