Friday, 30 December 2011


Happy Happy Happy New Year fellas   

2011,you're such a badass :D
  Well, 2011 thought me what life really is . Hmm, talk about my family, my friends & my love-life ? ahh well, lets just start this shit :)

mi familia :)   
  This year we lost one of our dearest uncle:'( Rest in peace uncle Niam. Our prayers will always lead your way,same goes to nenek & onald.
  Hmmph, i guess this year i've been in a silly fight with my mommy :DD we didnt talk just bcos of a camera? Seriously, i feel sooo stupid. HAHA ! the cutest part about our fight is, my mommy try to pujuk me using guess what? CAMERA CATALOG ! omg i laughed soo hard in front of her & i was like,"Catalog mom? seriously ?:DD" sorry mom, im such a spoiledbrat :)
  Ohh YEAH ! Last March i got a new born baby nephew.Welcome to the world Aiden Christian Alexander . Now with that new kiddo in da house, yes ~ we're sure gonna hear lotsa crying + laughing + screaming everyday ! :DD

mi amigos !   
  urghh, we barely seen each other this year :( everyone seems sooo busy with their own life. Haissh ~
Well , this year got back together with my girl , Hanako:) we got into this stupid fight last year & since then we never talk to each other.Thank God we're friends again ! i mean BESTFRIENDS !!:) 
  hmm, i guess i lost one of my bestgirl this year :( thats okay. Im cool with that. As long as she's happy with her life right now, then im in a good hand.
  Anyways, they say you lose 1, you got tons. Thats sooo true ! i met lots of new friends this year & they are sooo adorable & nice. I barely known them but i think we're gonna blend in together nicely . Lets just hope its stay forever. Hehehe :p

Nahhhhhh, my so-called  life? :)

  Well well well, i've been in a serious relationship for almost two years but last September, i ended it. Its  hard for me to hold on when my own partner dont trust me anymore. Make it even worst, he believes in my haters lies more than my words. pffft ~ Whatever it is, i still love my Mr.Yenzuelauce very dearly, but  things will never gonna work out between us anymore. I gave up,i moved on. hmmph, I guess he's still hoping,he never really moved on:/ </3

  This other guy? hihihi ~ Hes such a sweetheart, i admit  Practically , he's my first ♥ ! HAHA ! no jokes. I got a huge crush on him when i first met him. It was during my primary school,when i was 12. Babiiii ! HAHAHA !! but we never hooked-up. We've been bestfriends ever since. But this year, things got reallyyy confusing between us. 
  Hmm, it all started when he's just broke up with his girl & i was in a broken-heart phases with my guy. We shared each other problems almost everyday. At first it was just a friend-to-friend matter.And then things become more and more serious i guess:p but we remains bestfriends till this very moment. I guess this is what they call TTM. puii ~ HAHA ! 
  All of our closest-friends tought we're together,but nahhhh~ i wont change anything thats happening between me & him right now. :) 
  I'm not ready for a relationship right now. I've been hurt so much on my previous relationship, no one knows how hurt i am.Thats why i guess it traumatised me to have a new one. ergh ~

OKAY ENOUGH WITH THIS CRAP ! i just wanna wish you guys a happy joyful New Year 2012. Fuck the nostradamus prediction. Live 2012 to the fullest !  


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